drama, 90 pages

3-6 M, 4-6 F
Stuck in their home by Chicago’s worst blizzard in 100 years, a young couple must confront the question of why they are still living together.
Final project for course with Victor I Cazares at Brown University
Los Angeles, California (2012): Semi-Finalist for Blank Theater Company Young Playwrights Festival
Providence, Rhode Island (February 2013): staged reading, Production Workshop’s Writer’s Week
drama, 90 pages
3 M, 2 F
Born with everything, the crumbling of his technology empire under charges of embezzlement leave a ruined Roman with nothing at all. Trying to piece together the ways we love and hurt, Empire examines the ways all great men fall.
A Romantic’s Comedy or Your Vincent
comedy, 10 pages
1 M, 1 F
A suicidal painter tries to break up with a friend he never dated.
Providence, Rhode Island (October 2013): selection for Production Workshop’s 3c2c Festival, directed by Sam Rubinek
Lucky Penny
comedy, 10 pages
3 M, 2 F
A police officer tries to help a woman mugged of just one lucky Penny at a busy New York police station.
Princeton, NJ (2009): Winner of the Princeton Summer Theater Young Playwrights Contest
San Pedro, CA (2011): Finalist for Little Fish Theater Pick of the Vine Festival

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